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The Resilient Superintendent is the brainchild of Dan C. Wertz, Ed.D., superintendent of the Okemos School District in Okemos, Michigan. Dr. Wertz interviewed 18 Michigan school superintendents and discovered that there were a number of characteristics which they had in common. An introduction to this research is recounted in Resilient Superintendents Find Rewards. The research has led to data that helps leaders become more productive. The lessons learned assist leaders in any field become more resilient, withstand hardships, self right and bounce back.

Leadership Dynamics Research Institute is funding and participating with Dr. Wertz in a study of the characteristics and the profile of resilient superintendents. It is not surprising that the resilient superintendents are trustworthy, industrious, convincing, and organized; and that they are expected to be dedicated, stable, loyal, and self-assured. But high dominance and fact-based decision making are not necessarily requirements of resiliency.

If you are interested in the research findings when they become available, or to learn more about the Resilient Superintendent, please contact Resilient Leadership.


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